Our Policies

Our products are CE labeled and are certified by the following institutes:

Our body protectors meet European standard EN 13158-2018; all are certified to Level 3,- the highest protection level – and are suitable for all users horse riding. Level 2 or Level 1 products are available for specific activities.

All of our body protectors are also certified to Level 3 of The British Equestrian Trade Association standard (BETA -2018).

Panel Vest

Our back protectors are certified to the European standard EN 1621-2 for motorcycle riding.

Our Helmets are certified to the European EN 1384-1012 standard and VG-1 by TUV Germany.



Smart Rider specialises in producing high performance body protectors and helmets for riders. Our research and development team continually updates our products to incorporate the most advanced materials and designs, offering riders the ultimate safety protection.



Smart Rider products have the edge when it comes to comfort.
Our body protectors utilise multiple layers of extremely lightweight soft foam, ensuring the highest levels of flexibility and impact absorption – the optimum combination of comfort and safety. The structure of Smart Rider panel protectors molds to the wearer’s body shape, allowing free movement even during intensive exertion.



Our body protectors come in a wide range of attractive, fashionable designs. Each one is available in various sizes, colors, and color combinations that appeal to both male and female riders of all ages, including children.